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  • Tenets Of Tenacity

    Sometimes you just have to outlast the others.
    Sometimes you just have to hold on at the end.
    Sometimes the most beautiful results come from dull things under pressure.

  • Experience E-Summit'21

    To incite you forward in your entrepreneurial journey we organise talks, pitching events, workshops, panel discussions and many more.

  • 21st - 23rd January

    Bringing together the academic community, venture capitalists, new age entrepreneurs and fanatics from all over the country.

What's E-Summit ?

E-Summit being the flagship event of E-Cell, is held annually brings together the academic community, venture capitalists, new age entrepreneurs and all those passionate about entrepreneurship to common grounds. It provides an avenue to exhibit the entrepreneurial talent and creativity through many events like business ventures, product design competition, and social entrepreneurial idea competition.

E-Summit'21 - Tenets of Tenacity .

‘When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.’ - Franklin Roosevelt The life of an entrepreneur is challenging. Amidst extreme chaos and competition, it is often tenacity and not talent that rules the day. A tenacious person is someone who never gives up, who never accepts no for an answer, and thus it is the most important characteristic of any entrepreneur. All successful people possess a set of tenets which drives them to think out-of-the-box, take the road less traveled and eventually change the world. This being the 10th edition of E-Summit, we aim to bring together and celebrate the risk-takers, hear their revolutionary ideas and get inspired by their tenaciousness.

Events .

Expert investor or an emerging entrepreneur or a quiz master, you think you know it all? Put that test to claim, battle it out in the field for the ultimate glory.

Workshops .

Workshops @E-Summit'21 teaches them how one can juice out some creative, innovative and feasible idea from day to day life problems. It also teaches how a strong network of people can help them to rise to a sustainable business enterprise and can help them to market the product. It is very beneficial to learn to build a corporate identity, filter out ideas for high growth entrepreneurship, and life cycle of startup cycle via various interactive sessions in these workshops with some distinguished personalities.


Entrepreneurs who have proved themselves as the mavericks will come to share their success stories and ideology.

Our Past Speakers

E-Cell IITK has played a focal part in channeling the expertise of illustrious business figures, mentors and investors within access of Startup enthused students via talks.

  • Diamonds are nothing more than chunks
    of coal that stuck to their jobs.

    Malcolm Forbes
  • Success seems to be largely a matter of
    hanging on after others have let go.

    William Feather