India's biggest celebration of something which is not for the faint-hearted but which lies at the heart of every passion-driven endeavor - "ENTREPRENEURSHIP".
Entrepreneurial Extravaganza(E Square), India's biggest virtual entrepreneurial event where the distinction between a newbie enthusiast and an experienced entrepreneur will be blurred because if someone attends, they are getting to be a part of the galore of the same knowledge and perspective as everyone else. E Square is a week-long virtual entrepreneurial event, scheduled to be held from July 26th - August 2nd, 2020, where passion, experience, resources, and opportunities will converge to make it a once in a lifetime experience for many. It brings together a bunch of talks, panel discussions, workshops, and competitions focusing on interdisciplinary approaches that will eventually break the barrier to entrepreneurship.

Talk & Discussions

Keynote Talks

    Experiences of the Big Business World

    Investment in disruption

    Accelerating the transition to Digital : Emerging from Crisis

Challenges in building a brand

The topic for the Panel Discussion is planned to be ‘Challenges in Building a Brand’, which would revolve around the growth of a startup to a brand consisting of the aspects of investments, building partnership and development of the startups along with the skill set required to do so.

From investors for investees

Lets face it- getting financial backing is tedious. However, it can be made easier if you are aware of the know-hows. A session focused on demystifying key financing concepts to give entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs a guide to secure funding.

Starting up early

Being a young entrepreneur is not a cakewalk. Every young leader is burdened with the thought of ending up bankrupt and broke. This session would highlight the hurdles and how to navigate through them.


There is no dearth of unconventional choices to follow our passion but it remains a challenge to explore these unusual career options because of lack of knowledge and awareness. Here we are with an energetic and refreshing dose of thoughts, bittersweet experiences and learnings from the ones who followed their inner voice and screamed it out loud through their choices.

Sharks' side of unicorns

To work out the exact relationship between startup fundraising and the phenomenal growth the companies achieve to become a unicorn, let's dig deeper into the world of startup funding.

Duality Of Crisis

Panel Discussion revolving around 'Duality of Crisis(Ups and Downs)', using the opposite experience of the two panelists in their respective industries during the ongoing crisis.

Fireside Chat

Fireside chat on the experiences of the panelists in the Big Industry from the perspective of motivating the audience for their journey ahead, particularly the IIT Kanpur Junta for listening to the experiences of their Alumni.

Tech 101 For Start-Ups

Things to know before you get started with building the tech for your startup. This workshop aims to get you equipped with the right tools and technical knowledge that you need before beginning your venture. These would be some absolutely crucial things that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Idea Validation

Idea validation is the process of testing and validating your idea prior to launching your business name, tagline, product, service or website. This workshop would save you hundreds of hours by teaching you the art of validating an idea so that your start-up can make an impact entry into the market.



Stock the stock

Stock the Stock, a live stock trading competition where the bright minds compete against each other to design the most marketable portfolio from the rendered stocks through excessive bidding. E- Cell IIT K presents “Stock the Stock”, now show off your Fin Gyan by trading in a live stock trading competition. Apply your aptitude, analyze the market fluctuations, make profitable bidding and let the market play its game. Get ready for a power-packed environment and experience unlimited fun. Compete against the smart-witted minds to design the most valuable portfolio from the provided stocks and win exciting prizes!

Extravaganza Quiz

Does your wanderlust for the world of entrepreneurship, startups, and business doesn’t allow your mind to settle down at one place? We are here to take you on a fascinating journey to this infinite space of diapason of a giant to small startups and ideas. Get ready to be a part of this cliff-hanger event of Extravaganza where you would be vying with the real virtuoso and nimble minds with a passion for the business world. Extravaganza Quiz promises you to provide the best quizzing experience, mind-boggling questions, nail-biting tension, taking calculated risk situations and a lot more unexpected things.

Prominent Speakers

Entrepreneurs who have proved themselves as the mavericks will come to share their success stories and ideology.

Our Past Speakers

E-Cell IITK has played a focal part in channeling the expertise of illustrious business figures, mentors and investors within access of Startup enthused students via talks.


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