19th - 21st MARCH, 2022


Entrepreneurship Cell IIT Kanpur envisages EntreVerse as an exhilarating and thought provoking event. With a lineup of competitions, insightful workshops and enriching panel discussions, this event will provide the audience a wholesome exposure to the vast world of business. This universe would give a golden opportunity to inquisitive minds to interact with and get inspired by our worthy speakers and also to prove their mettle in competitions.

Talks & Discussions

Keynote Talks

    Art of Selling

    Leadership through Strategy and Innovation

    NFT: How and Why?

Art of Selling

Sales is one of the most fundamental operations of an enterprise. People nowadays get more focused on things like product management and product placement, which is not essentially wrong, but sales has its own importance, which might be getting ignored in startups these days. To make the next generation entrepreneurs aware of the importance of sales and how to become great at it, we would like to invite you to this talk given by industry veterans.

Leadership through Strategy and Innovation

Innovative behaviors are closely related to leadership style because leaders are the one who establish organizational goals, make decision on adopting and implementing new ways. The essential purpose of strategic leadership is to change the trajectory of an organisation – from one taking it to its default future to one that leads to an improved future: a process that involves developing strategy and executing strategy.

NFT: How and Why?

NFTs being a new technology, is like a shining toy to some, while others think of it as a scam or a fad, most of people get lost in the speculation, just like the internet in the early years of 1990s was thought to be a play toy for geeks or a scam, it is now believed to be the biggest invention that humanity has ever had, just like that NFTs might be the building block of the new internet, to enlighten the audience about this new technology we plan to organise this talk given by the experts in this field.


Pitch Deck Making

Everyone has ideas but the way you frame it and present it creates the difference. PDM is a workshop on how to create your pitch and present your startup ideas in front of the judge. A good pitch is a balancing act that gets people in the room to believe in you and your startup. This workshop is centred to teach you this highly valuable skill.

Portfolio Building

In today's stock markets scenario, a well-constructed portfolio is vital to wealth creation. In this scenario, the big question that arises is, what are the things to keep in mind when making your portfolio? Financial investments like stocks, bonds, commodities, cash, and cash equivalents, are the backbone for all the industries. This workshop will cover all the elements related to portfolio building.

How to think like a VC ?

There’s no single soul among us unacquainted to the wave of entrepreneurship initiated by multiple seasons of Shark Tank. Does it not occur to you as to how these sharks decide upon their investments? We bring to you “How to think like a VC?” , a workshop which aims to clear your doubts and introduce you to the art of angel investing with acclaimed venture capitalists joining us in.


Game of Auctions

Game of Auctions would require strategic trade-offs, teamwork, and the ability to take prompt decisions to best utilise monetary resources. Teams will be given a budget to contest in an auctioning event and followed by the strategic presentation.

Parallel universe

In this competition teams of students will be assigned a product, they will have to then pitch a product that has the opposite utility of the given product. This competition will test the creativity and innovation of contestants and their skill to sell their product.

Be an Angel

Pitching your idea in front of a group of investors is incredibly nerve-wracking.You wonder if they’ll like your business idea. Most of all, you wonder if you are able to get your startup funded. Even if one has money in the bank, there’s going to come a point when one simply has to get additional funding to grow their startup and start scaling up. So we bring to you a competition that will actually put you in the shoes of investors thereby teaching you a lot about what investors want and how to position the companies for successful pitches in the future.