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IITK Policies

IITK Policies

With an ongoing 'startup' zeal all over the nation, the institute has a firm belief in entrepreneurism, and drives its students to convert their ideas into reality. IIT Kanpur brings many policies for entrepreneurial growth of its students, ranging from early stage programs like SUEP to distinctive policies like DPP.

Students can meaningfully engage in entrepreneurship during their academic tenure as a student. The policy provides tremendous impetus to the vibrant ecosystem for nurturing innovation, entrepreneurship and intellectual property. An ecosystem that heretofore exists at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. Such initiatives need center stage of academic discourse to promptly initiate a societal change in the attitude towards entrepreneurship, turning students into job creators instead of job seekers and give towards our prime mission of #AatmaNirbharBharat.

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IIT Kanpur has the potential to give great technical and non-technical startups to the nation. But many students take up jobs because of the responsibilities or pressure from their family to go for a decent job, to settle as soon as possible. DPP allows the students to defer their placement season up to a couple of years later. These couple of years can be utilized by students to focus their time and efforts completely on their ventures with no academic pressure of any sort.

SUEP will allow students who have completed their 4th semester to invest their summer break into their own start up and hopefully build up their own businesses. Nurturing the flair of entrepreneurship right from such an early stage gives students a head start into their careers. Since the program has a proper supervisory and guidance structure in place, the students have a support system while also having freedom. The students will also be provided with a stipend for the duration of the program. The evaluation will be done in two phases and the final evaluation committee will consist of Venture Capitalists, Serial Entrepreneurs, Angel Investors, Startup Mentors, etc.

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What's entailed in the policy?

What's entailed in the policy?

All institute students can undertake entrepreneurship activities under the mentorship of a faculty or external mentor by following two distinct routes :


By registering for the academic semester and opting for 'Innovation and Entrepreneurship Credits (IEC as per the policy).


By willingly taking a semester drop for doing innovation and entrepreneurship activities (in which possible case no IEC registration is necessary). Students can consider a combination of normal academic credit load and IECS, within the framework of the allowed maximum load.

UGS can begin entrepreneurship activity after earning credits equivalent to four semesters of the standard academic loads (two semesters for two Year MSC students) as per the template of their respective departments (~200 credits or equivalent).



1st Year

An Entrepreneur’s journey begins with an idea and motivation. An idea that starts as a seed buds into a beautiful tree, if given the proper nutrition and sunlight. Entrepreneurship Cell provides you the platform to develop your ideas and pack in the motivation you need. With Entrepreneurs and mentors from all across the world there to help, along with Competitions and Workshops that pave the path for your perfect entrepreneurial journey. There are a lot of things to offer, the point is how do you use them to your advantage?

2nd Year

Your entrepreneurial journey in IIT Kanpur can seed as early as the sophomore year! The Summer Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Program provides the perfect platform where you can invest your summer break into working on your startup idea. Get mentored by IIT Kanpur professors and give your startup a jumpstart by receiving funding from Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors.

3rd Year

Having successfully utilizing your summers in ideation and developing your MVP, go ahead and take the benefits provided by the Student Entrepreneurship Policy! Pack in some IECs (Innovation and Entrepreneurship Credits), lighten up your semester’s academic load, or if you must take a semester drop, give in some hours to your startup! Utilize the funding that SEP provides and get mentored by the marvelous IIT Kanpur professors, give your venture the time it needs to grow.

4th Year and beyond:

An Entrepreneur’s journey is that of perseverance and belief. The dilemma of sitting in for placements or continuing your venture is generally a hard one. This is where the Deferred Placement Policy (DPP) comes into play. DPP allows the students to defer their placements for up to a couple of years. These couple of years can be utilized by students to focus their time and efforts completely on their ventures with no academic pressure of any sort. In case the venture that you are pursuing somehow does not attain the success you were hoping for you may return back to IIT Kanpur for Placements after up to 2 years of your Graduation!




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