The classic pitching competition that showcases one's ability to ideate and pitch in front of judges from the across entrepreneurship world. Get the experience of being in the shoes of real life entrepreneur and learn what 'The Art of the Pitch' is all about.


To bring the grandeur of Upstart to college students, we bring you Upstart Campus. We are here to take you on a fascinating journey through this infinite space of startups and ideas. Get ready to be a part of this cliff-hanger competition where you will be vying with the real virtuoso and nimble minds with a passion for the startup and business world. Scroll down


This competition will let you pitch your ideas to our elaborate panel of venture capitalist and startup founders. For the competition, you will develop a pitch for your idea and present it to entrepreneurs and investors. This competition is a fantastic opportunity for student entrepreneurs to develop your ideas, make new business connections, understand how both sides of a pitch work, and learn while having fun. Scroll down


  • dents can participate in teams of 3-5 members.
  • The team is required to submit their pitch decks in not more than 6 slides.
  • The pitch should not exceed 5 minutes.
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