Prepare to unleash your marketing genius in the Sell Your Sole competition! Step into the shoes of a CMO and craft a game-changing marketing campaign for an existing brand. It's your chance to redefine success!


Sell Your Soul involves making the best strategy for a shoe company throughout India. Create a campaign using all social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc.) for six months for a specified timeline. Define their customer persona. Make sure you get the highest return on your investment. Scroll down


The best items can only reach their full market potential with clever marketing. In this competition, you must put yourself in the shoes of Chief Marketing Officer(CMO) to present a digital marketing strategy for their upcoming winter series. Scroll down


  • Team Size 2 to 5 Members
  • In Round 1, participants are supposed to submit their marketing strategy with the points mentioned above in the form of a Presentation.
  • In Round 2, 10 Shortlisted teams will present their marketing strategy on 14th Jan to a panel of judges.
  • At most, six slides, excluding the first and last slides.
  • Judges will evaluate the team on various aspects, including Presentation, ROIs, and Marketing Strategy.
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