Experience the investor's perspective in Be an Angel:Shark Tank Edition. Role-play as an Angel Investor with $5 million to invest. Assess startups, pitch investment strategies, and face VC judges. Understand both sides of the table in this nerve-wracking pitch competition.


Pitching your idea to a group of investors is incredibly nerve-wracking. Always puts you in a dilemma whether investors like your idea or not. Most of all, you wonder if they’re going to fund you or not. Even if one has money in the bank, there sure is going to be a point where one simply has to get additional funding to grow their startup, to start scaling up. To achieve this you need to understand the perspective of the person sitting on the other side of the table. Scroll down


An amazing opportunity for you to sit on the other side. Get an experience of the life of an HNI (High Networth Individual). Put yourselves in the shoes of the investors and learn how to position your company for successful pitches in the future. (SHARK). You are the investors here, not the entrepreneurs. Play the role of Angel Investors assessing the startups, and place the millions in the right hands. Scroll down


  • Participants would play the role of Angel who has $5Mn to invest in one or more of the startups presenting. They’ll be assessing the investment opportunities and pitching an investment strategy to the VC judges. The startups presented will be virtual with no financials, startups have to evaluate the idea.
  • The conduction of the Competition will be done in the following manner:
    • Round 1: Qualification
      Form will be floated wherein you will be given the 8 pitch decks as mentioned above and you will be required to fill the team details and how much will you be investing in the companies of your choice
    • Round 2: Judges’ Round
      A form will be released for collecting the Portfolio PPT which should contain the investment thesis and portfolio of team.
  • Final results will be solely based on Round 2.
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