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“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” - Steve Jobs
Join us to become the innovator and learn to become the leader, not the follower, in the world of entrepreneurship. The wait is finally over. We are here with the opportunity that many of you may have been looking for most of your life...truckloads of value-adding events, amazing pitching experiences, and extraordinary workshops, through a learning jam-packed month of “Entrepreneurial Bootcamp”. The main aim of this event is to make you realize the potentialities of a successful entrepreneur you are packed with, like a seed within which are packed all potentialities of a tree.

Pitch competitions can be an invaluable component of entrepreneurship development programs. Entering a pitch competition encourages an aspiring entrepreneur to refine their business model, distill their business story to its essentials, and craft a well-articulated business proposition. Our Bootcamp concludes with a lively Pitching Competition.

Our aim is to make sure that the benefits of this program reaches maximum people.Hence we do not plan to restrict the participation to the IIT Kanpur students, i.e the programme would be open to all. You can participate individually, although team participation will be appreciated.

Program Structure


Problem Solution Fit

Week 1 - 6

  • Problem & Solution Defining
  • Customer Persona Creation
  • CD & Market Research
  • Business Model Canvas

    Market & Customer Validation

    Week 7 - 9

  • Competitive Advantage
  • Problem & Solution Validation
  • Build BMC iterates
  • Go to market strategy

    Product Developement & Pitch Readiness

    Week 10 - 12

  • Design & build PoC
  • Create & Test Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Financials & Funding Strategy
  • Pitch Readiness
  • Why Bootcamp?

    Our main focus is to ensure that participants get well acquainted with the entrepreneurial journey and they get a hands-on experience from ideating to pitching a business model.

    The entire bootcamp will be concluded with a two-stage competition. The first stage would see all the participants of Bootcamp go through shortlisting rounds, From there , the top 10 participants would proceed to the Demo Day where selected participants from round 1 will pitch in the front of a judging panel.

    Venture Launch in 10 Weeks

    Access to Incubators / Accelerators​

    Validated Investor Pitch endorsed through a Global Jury

    Pitching Opportunities to potential Investors

    AWS Credit Worth $5000

    Access to Mentors

    E Certificate

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