SBERTC supports the team of Enactus, IIT-K, a social entrepreneurial initiative aimed at promoting people from economically backward communities by way of entrepreneurship and innovation. Letting the entrepreneurial spirits gain its dominance Enactus IITK came up with two projects named “Agaaz and PakVan”.

Project PakVan is the brainchild of an IITK student who had the concept of “food on wheels” in his mind. This gave birth to the PakVan team which aims at providing healthy and tasteful food made by trained hands. PakVan cooks are those workers who lost their jobs after the privatization of messes on IIT Kanpur campus. With the profits accumulated and the delivery business bringing in constant funds, PakVan hopes to start an outlet that serves regional delicacies on demand and deliver. The Project endeavours to rehabilitate the former mess workers in IIT Kanpur campus, unemployed owing to the privatization of messes. The project shall specialise the cooks by arranging professional training sessions for dishes. It did run trial sessions in some of the halls of the college serving delicacies like dabeli and momos which drew huge appreciation.

Project Agaaz focuses on utilizing waste paper to empower people in need. Enactus has developed a business model employing women of economically backward communities. ocuses on utilizing waste paper to empower people in need. We have developed a business model employing women of economically backward communities who have been provided a set up to prepare decorative items using reused paper.The aim is loud and clear: SAVE PAPER REDUCE REUSE and RECYCLE. The ladies from the close by villages named Nankari are called in the campus and the assigned team members teach them various paper products ranging from baskets, tissue paper stand, lampshades, jewellery and many more. These ladies then work to make the products in large numbers. Then the student team organises sale of these products which brings in the salaries of these ladies. As a recent work we even provided lampshades for the decoration in the campus fest Antaragni’14. The tiny bulbs in the cover of paper lampshades added to the beauty of Old SAC, IITK . We also had a stall where jewellery items made of waste paper were put to display. Beautiful intricate designs made by quilling of waste magazine paper were put for sale.




Pranay Jain, Head


Rahul Ranjan, Head


Snehil Patel, Head


Kshitj Jaggi, Head


Mayank Chauhan, Head


Mukund Maheshwari, Head